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Marie's Sewing Repair Cafe

by Marie Ihle

I was born an environmentalist. I like to walk lightly on the earth. And at Make It Tenterfield, I do so by creating solutions with fabrics and fostering creativity in others, with positive environmental outcomes.

I fondly remember a school holiday, batik dyeing workshop that inspired me to open my childhood creative senses. And the joy of it. Today I want to create solutions for people that are sustainable; hence my interest in using fabrics to inspire people to recycle, up cycle, reuse, re-purpose, reinvigorate, repair, alter and enhance, every day items like clothing, linen, blankets and bags.

I also want to encourage people to sew by giving lessons, by example, by living my philosophy. By selling our own clothes, we are reducing pollution, global warming, sweatshop abuse, and at the same time having the joy of creation.

I hope that Make It can shine a light on how we all make a difference.

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