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About Us

Make It Tenterfield is a quirky family of creatives

Make It Tenterfield is a quirky family of creatives, from the local area, via the world. We are diverse in nature but together in soul. Our passion for handmade is our greatest force.


We chat, we laugh, we share and we CREATE!

From humble beginnings at the local markets, a group of likeminded ladies decided to pull together their creative diversity and formalise a not-for-profit business. After a local businessman kindly donated the top floor in the historic Mitre 10 building, we now have a hub for our tribe right in the centre of town.

Our vision is to continually share and embrace the community through the culture of handmade.
Our goal is to own a significant building in Tenterfield, so it can become a leading venue for regional arts. 
As a proud and local not for profit, we can't do this alone. So {please} give us
your money?